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Image courtesy of Jem Cohen
Introduced by director Jem Cohen
Wed, May 25, 2005 7 PM
Indie icon Jem Cohen returns to the Wexner Center to introduce his stunning first feature, Chain. Cohen is the winner of this year's Someone To Watch Award from the Independent Feature Project. Filmed over seven years as Cohen traveled the world, Chain is a haunting portrait of two women: a young American runaway, who hangs out in malls and motels while producing a video diary to explain herself to her family, and a young Japanese businesswoman, who is in America to research theme parks and patiently waits in motel rooms for all-important phone calls from "the company." Cohen's startling photography offers an incredible panorama of "the geography of nowhere" through which his characters drift.

Celebrated for his work with such rock bands as REM and Fugazi, Cohen teams with cult faves Godspeed You! Black Emperor for Chain's original score. (99 mins.)

Chain's themes and settings complement those of Vanishing Point, our current exhibition at The Belmont Building. Cohen also participates in the Artists' Roundtable, Everywhere and Nowhere, which launches the opening celebrations for the exhibition and takes place at 4:30 pm on Friday, May 20.

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Season support provided by the Rohauer Collection Foundation and the Corporate Annual Fund of the Wexner Center Foundation.

Contemporary films, international films, and visiting filmmakers presented with support from the Ohio Arts Council.
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