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The Kid


Images courtesy of Janus Films

The Kid
The Kid

The Gold Rush

Sun, May 8, 2011 2 PM
Treat mom to an afternoon at the movies with two classics sure to please all ages! This Mother’s Day matinee features two of Chaplin’s most memorable and best-loved films.

In The Kid, Chaplin's Tramp tries to raise a young street urchin (played by 6-year-old Jackie Coogan, later Uncle Fester on TV's The Addams Family) the best he can amid the daily hard knocks that come with life on the street. The Kid is often credited with introducing pathos into what had typically been quite raucous American screen comedy. (54 mins., 35mm)

One of Chaplin's most beloved films, The Gold Rush features the Tramp as a hapless prospector in turn-of-the-century Alaska and includes such memorable moments as the shoe-eating scene as well as the delightful "dance of the rolls." This version is the 1942 reissue, which includes a score composed by Chaplin as well as his charming narration. (72 mins., 35mm)

Prints courtesy of Janus Films.
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