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Littlerock images courtesy of Small Form Films
Mike Ott, 2010


Antonio Campos, 2009
Thu, Mar 10, 2011 7 PM
Littlerock, one of the big independent film discoveries of 2010, joins Afterschool, which Scott Tobias at The Onion AV Club says, "stands to be an essential document of what it was like to be a young person in the late ’00s," for this double feature.

Littlerock follows a pair of sightseeing Japanese siblings who are marooned in the small California town of Littlerock when their car breaks down. Even with a sizeable language barrier, they start hanging out with a group of aimless locals, and fumbling romances and friendships follow. A charming tale of outsiders and discovery, Littlerock is the winner of numerous audience and jury awards at film festivals around the world (as well as receiving a Gotham Award for "Best Movie Not Playing at a Theater Near You"). Director Mike Ott recently received the Independent Spirit "Someone to Watch Award."

A riveting look at the dark side of youth in the media age, the assured Afterschool sees Robert, a student at an elite East Coast prep school, accidentally capture on camera the horrific deaths of two popular girls. He is then given the task of memorializing their lives in a video meant to help speed up the school's healing process, but for some this exercise only deepens the trauma. Antonio Campos's rigorous film style is indebted to directors as varied as Stanley Kubrick, Michael Haneke, Frederick Wiseman, and Atom Egoyan. (107 mins., 35mm)

Afterschool starts at 8:35 pm.


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