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Mid-August Lunch


Images courtesy of Zeitgeist Films
Mid-August Lunch
Gianni Di Gregorio, 2008
Fri, July 9, 2010 7 PM
Sat, July 10, 2010 7 PM
"Charming and gently hilarious…a gem whose intelligent, gentle deadpan humor is entirely irresistible. This is a film that the broadest audiences can enjoy."—Hollywood Reporter

Both a warmly vibrant family drama and a delicately balanced comedy of manners, the very Italian Mid-August Lunch is an utterly charming tale of good food, feisty ladies, and unlikely friendships. Gianni, a broke, middle-aged man, lives with his 93-year-old mother in an ancient apartment. His mounting past-due rent will be forgiven if he looks after the building manager's mother during the Feast of the Assumption, Italy's biggest summer holiday.

Word about Gianni's mother-sitting duties gets out, and others show up with their own elderly mothers in tow. Armed with only a glass of wine and a wry sense of humor, Gianni must keep a roomful of women fed in the most cramped quarters imaginable. Full of wonderful scenes of Italian life, food preparation, and vibrant conversations, this loveable film is the next best thing to a trip to Rome. (75 mins., 35mm)

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