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The Next Generation


All images are courtesy of the filmmakers
Arizona Lily and the Valuable Candy Treasure
The Next Generation
(various artists, 2009)
Dec 1, 2009–Dec 31, 2009
Here’s your chance to see some of the freshest art around. The Box features works by the next generation of Ohio filmmakers and video artists throughout this month to complement the Zoom festival.

Selected for the youth division of last May’s Ohio Short Film and Video Showcase 2009, the varied pieces include animations, dramatic narratives, and experimental projects by artists ages 8 to 18. (app. 15 mins., video)

Keep reading for a complete program list. Featured Films Voicemail, 2009, 5 mins., 48 secs.
Colin McDonald, age 18, Dublin
Dublin Coffman High School

A well-known journalist gets a mysterious phone message while on the job in Moscow. Everything the caller tells her somehow comes true; if she doesn’t follow the directions, terrorists will blow up the American Embassy. But the real question is: who is the person leaving the voicemails? This short film was conceived, shot, and edited for a seven-day video competition.

Wonder Bull!, 2009, 34 secs.
Alexander Reynolds, age 16, Dayton
Stivers School for the Arts

A seeming normal bull is sleeping in the fields until he hears a cry for help. Wonderbull takes action! This is the first piece the artist created for an animation class.

Freedom of Thought, 2009, 2 mins., 55 secs.
Ashley Nicol Knotts, age 18, St. Paris
Bowling Green State University

Inspired by My Morning Jacket’s song “Gideon,” this video is an allegorical piece about suppression of thought through fear and social pressure. The plot is open to the viewer’s interpretation of the main character’s voyage, as it merges with images and bits of lyrics from the song.

Arizona Lily and the Valuable Candy Treasure, 2008, 3 mins., 40 secs.
Olivia Smith, age 8, Westerville
Hanby Arts Magnet School

Arizona Lily and her sidekick, Ginger, attempt to escape the evil plans of Dr. Mean and Sissyfuss. The film was originally entered in the PTA Reflections Contest.

No Smoke Rap, 2009, 1 min., 28 sec.
Zach Hurliman, age 17, Perry
Perry High School

This video is a antismoking rap in which the lyrics and beat are original creations of the participants. All of the facts are true and presented in ways in which people will easily remember the dangers of smoking.
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