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Images courtesy of The World According to Shorts

Baymiyan (Patrick Pleutin, 2008)
Nine Nation Animation
Fri, Feb 25, 2011 7 PM
This third installment in "The World According to Shorts," a series of international short film anthologies, exclusively features animated works.

Highlights include Home Road Movies, a British film about summer holidays with the filmmaker’s father; Never Like the First Time, a Swedish film about first sexual encounters using actual interviews as the soundtrack; and Average 40 Matches, a Turkish film featuring matches lured to their doom by the siren call of a box of cigarettes. (84 mins., video)

The full film list:

Deconstruction Workers by Kajsa Naess (Norway)
Average 40 Matches by Burkay Doğan & M. Şakir Arslan (Turkey)
Bâmiyân by Patrick Pleutin (France)
Please Say Something by David O’Reilly (Ireland/Germany)
Flatlife by Jonas Geirnaert (Belgium)
She Who Measures by Veljko Popoviç (Croatia)
Home Road Movies by Robert Bradbrook (United Kingdom)
The Tale of How by The Blackheart Gang (South Africa)
Never Like the First Time! by Jonas Odell (Sweden)

Nine Nation Animation
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