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Ohio Premiere Tainá 2: A New Amazon Adventure


Image courtesy of Tietê Produções Cinematográficas Ltda.
Ohio Premiere
Tainá 2: A New Amazon Adventure
Ages 6 and up Mauro Lima, 2004, Brazil
Sun, Dec 7, 2008 3:30 PM
Voted Best Live-Action Film—Children's Jury Prize, Chicago International Children's Film Festival

This sequel to Tainá: An Amazon Adventure, one of the most popular films from our 2006 festival, provides another great opportunity for a short tropical vacation before the start of a Midwestern winter. The girl warrior Tainá wanders the Amazon rainforest in harmony with its lush trees, brightly plumaged birds, and exotic animals.

Now 13, Tainá is the elder to a tribe of youngsters, including Catiti, her spunky and adorable littlest follower. When they discover an out-of-place Brazilian boy and his feisty terrier, they find themselves in an adventure to foil a team of illegal poachers. Even if you didn’t see the first film, you’ll delight in this story of friendship, courage, and the importance of environmental conservation, as well as beautiful scenery and colorful wildlife. Subtitles will be read aloud. (76 mins., 35 mm)

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School Screening: Mon, Dec 8 | 10 AM Click here.

The 2008 festival was organized by Chris Stults, assistant curator of film/video, and Dionne Custer, educator for school programs. If you would like to discuss the specifics of any film before viewing it with your child, please call Dionne Custer at (614) 292-7008.
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