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Ohio Short Film & Video Showcase


Red & Blue image courtesy of Tyler Ayres
Ohio Short Film & Video Showcase
Reception at 6 PM
Sat, May 10, 2008 7 PM
Now in its lucky 13th year, the Ohio Short Film & Video Showcase features works made in the last 18 months by artists older than 18. The pieces can be up to 20 minutes in length.

This year’s showcase was organized by Wexner Center media arts curators Jennifer Lange and Chris Stults, along with Rohauer Collection curator Tim Lanza. Special thanks to Wexner Center editors Paul Hill and Mike Olenick. (app. 100 mins.)

Keep reading for a complete list of films. Hounded (2008)
Directed by Michael Ivey and Jake Housh, Columbus
Video, 5 mins., 30 secs.
A short and sweet story of love, dogs, and obsession. When folk art collector Ellen Hoover took in a stray puppy, it changed her life and her taste in art.

Driveway (2006)
Directed by Lisa Siders and Denise Burge, Cincinnati
Video, 3 mins., 47 secs.
An American Gothic of sorts, combining domestic with primal imagery and set to the music of the imaginary “band” called The Dozens.

Digital Underpants (2008)
Directed by Matt Meindl, Columbus
Video, 1 min., 30 secs.
A manic collage of teenage love letters and exploding hearts.

Waiting Room (2007)
Directed by Trevor Hollen, Fairborn
Video, 9 mins.
Three people trapped.

Dot Dance (2008)
Directed by Lily Skove, Columbus
Video, 1 min., 21 secs.
Lo-fi live visual effects are performed and worn by the choreographer and filmmaker in this playful dance of light.

The Happiest Day of His Life (2007)
Directed by Ursula Burton, Delaware
35mm, 13 mins.
Shot through a colorful lens, this comedic role-reversal film challenges gender roles and traditions with a sense of humor.

Outside, Looking In (2007)
Directed by Adon Newman, Columbus
Video, 8 mins., 30 secs.
A meditative animation that entices the viewer into a realm where the two- and three-dimensional worlds are in constant flux.

Bye Bye For Now (2007)
Directed by Colin James McDonald, Columbus
Video, 4 mins., 1 sec.
What happens to a balloon when it’s let go? The story of a young girl’s journey up above the clouds.

Roger & Betty (2008)
Directed by Daisy Blakelock, Dayton
Video, 9 mins.
A portrait of aging individuals who practice the fading art of artistic dance, rollerskating.

TUAREG (2008)
Directed by Bruce Checefsky, Cleveland
16mm, 6 mins., 43 secs.
Photographed on twenty-five-year-old direct-positive film, TUAREG is a melodious assemblage of Alencon, Venetian, and Point D’espirit lace.

The First Snowmaker (2008)
Directed by Amber Cecil, Columbus
Video, 3 mins., 9 secs.
The complex process of snowflake creation is illustrated in this animated, Rube Goldenberg-inspired short.

^v^v^vVv^^v^v^v^vV^^ (2007)
Directed by Stacie Sells, Columbus
Video, 1 min., 40 secs.
The path of social norms, gender in society, and how we are led by our culture to abide by these norms are all questioned in this experimental short work.

Stackerella (2008)
Directed by Rachel Hanna, Columbus
Video, 4 mins., 37 secs.
A parody of a classic love story set in the world of balloon art.

Directed by Jon Keppel, Columbus
Video, 4 mins., 45 secs.
Light is manipulated off-screen to illuminate a stream of running water as it flows into the basin of a large stainless steel sink in this silent experimental work.

Figurines (2008)
Directed by Matt Mulcahey, Cincinnati
Video, 2 mins., 50 secs.
“I wish I could write a poetic metaphor about the color of my grandmother’s coffin lining and the color of her eyes. But the truth is I don’t remember the color of her coffin lining. I don’t even remember the color of her eyes.”

Red & Blue (2008)
Directed by Tyler Ayres, Columbus
Video, 4 mins., 20 secs.
A short story about personality and perseverance.

Aftermath (2007)
Directed by Megan Shevenock, Columbus
Video, 2 mins., 6 secs.
Investigates the distillation of emotion through a single act or gesture, or through a series of gestures.

Annie! (2008)
Directed by Christa Michelle Bloede, Fairborn
Video, 12 mins.
A documentary portrait of a young woman stricken with paraplegia after one tragic night—and how it’s only a handicap if you let it be one.

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