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Ohio Short Film & Video Showcase 2009


2009 film stills
Overdrive, Meredith Carr
Ohio Short Film & Video Showcase 2009
Sat, May 9, 2009 7 PM
The Ohio Short Film & Video Showcase is your chance to see recent works by independent film and video artists from all over the state.

Chris Stults and Mike Olenick of the Wexner Center media arts staff and Rohauer Collection curator Tim Lanza organized the evening screening, which features works of 20 minutes or less. Special thanks to Wexner Center editor Paul Hill.

The Youth Division screening, featuring works up to 10 minutes in length by artists age 18 and under, begins at 4:30 PM (admission is $2). A reception honoring the artists from both screenings immediately follows the Youth Division event, and usually starts at about 5:30 PM.

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Keep reading for a complete list and more on individual films. SCREENING SCHEDULE
Descriptions provided by the artists.
Previews of work are available in linked titles.

Winter, 2009
1 min.
Corey Aumiller, Columbus

I hate winter.

Run to Me Run from Me, 2008
13 mins., 47 secs.
Ben Garchar, Fairborn

A film of love, lust, and desire that follows Jacob, a high school track phenom lost in a world of anorexia and sexual fantasy that he cannot reconcile.

Swallow, 2008
3 mins.
Charlie Roberts, Columbus

This is a video of the artist being completely swallowed.

Overdrive, 2009
2 mins., 8 secs.
Meredith Carr, Athens

My work explores areas of intersection between consumption, desire, and anxiety. I am attempting to evoke an initial state of complacency in the viewer that then changes to an anxiety-inducing awareness that something is not quite right.

the scandalous lamella, 2009
16 mins.
Beth Murphy and Rebecca Loar, Columbus

Bangwash Productions presents an apartment musical about interior decorating and a tooth-decay-related board game. Music by Crucial Bun.

Stand on Your Hands, 2009
3 mins., 41 secs.
Colin James McDonald, Columbus

A series of short acts that explore what we expect.

Thirsty One-Minute Horse Double, 2009
3 mins., 41 secs.
Bruce Checefsky, Cleveland

A composite of three one-minute shadows using a "trick table" originally designed in 1930 by Polish experimental filmmaker Stefan Themerson. The film opens with a surreal image of water slowly poured into a glass followed by a shadow of a toy horse that appears to dance across the screen. Finally, an opaque hand morphs into abstraction as it fades from the film. The double meaning in the title suggests a "dark horse," a term used to describe a little-known person or thing who emerges to prominence.

As the Weather Changes, 2009
15 mins., 50 secs.
Cole Pisano, Westerville

Alan, a 55-year-old man, discovers a cancerous tumor and is diagnosed with a short period of time to live. As he undergoes chemotherapy he retains his positive outlook and gracefulness while contemplating the important things in life--his family, friends, and dogs--even as the coming months grow dimmer.

Four Movements from a Sonata for Streams, 2009
5 mins., 32 secs.
Kevin Van Scoder and Adam Smith, Columbus

George Frideric Handel's Water Music, initially written for a royal procession on the River Thames, might be thought to reflect an intuitive connection between the movement of water and the movements of a musical piece. Sonata for Streams is a series that continues this exploration through the pairing of processed video of a river and "musique concrete" from Analog Soul recording artist Adam Smith.

Building a Castle, 2008
3 mins., 30 secs.
Dan Gerdeman, Grove City

Two men build a castle. A classic man vs. nature story.

Measured Sacrifice, 2008
18 mins., 30 secs.
John Whitney and Phil Garrett, Grove City
Arbor Avenue Films

Set in a dystopian future America, this low-tech science fiction drama follows the story of Terry, a young woman in trouble. As the war on terror rages and with continuing public distaste for a military draft, the government enlists all women of childbearing age to volunteer for "The Program." Pregnant and unemployed, Terry stands at a crossroads. She struggles between honoring her mother and the memory of her father, who died 20 years earlier serving in Iraq, or to do what she thinks is right for the country.

T-Shirt of Me, 2008
5 mins.
Matt Meindl, Columbus

The road to hell is paved with custom T-shirts.
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