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Ohio Short Film & Video Showcase


Ohio Short Film & Video Showcase
Sat, May 12, 2007 7 PM
Now in its twelfth year, the Ohio Short Film & Video Showcase brings together an impressive array of independently produced work from all corners of the Buckeye state. Each under 20 minutes long and produced in Ohio in the past 18 months, the works vary in genre, tone, and production value, but all reflect the active media culture of the region.

The event offers a welcome opportunity for filmmakers to show--and for audiences to see--such works under professional conditions. The showcase events were organized by Wexner Center media arts and education staff members, as well as area media arts professionals. (Program approx. 120 mins.)

Come early for a free public reception at 6 PM, and don't forget the Youth Division screening at 4:30 PM. The Youth Division features works by film- and videomakers age 18 and younger.

Keep reading for complete list of films.

Oh…This could go on forever! (2006)
Directed by Jean Alexander Frater, Cleveland
Video, 4:10 mins.
An exercise in practice and patience. The making of this video involved multiple attempts to balance a sheet of paper between two fans until finally…perfection.

Efflorescence (2007)
Directed by Drake Miller, Caleb Crossen, Greg Stall, and Jon Honeycutt, Kettering
Video, 3:48 mins.
A day in the lives of three separate individuals illustrates the difference between the choices we make and the choices that are made for us.

Men Are Much Harder (2006)
Directed by Maiza Laurent Hixson, Cincinnati
Video, 5 mins.
Two young women “wax philosophical” about the depiction of the male in contemporary art.

Home Movies (2007)
Directed by Bill Shackelford, Marysville
Video, 1:06 mins.
The footage that usually is left out becomes the focus of this short video that uses 8mm film shot by the artist’s grandfather in the 1950s and 1960s—most of the primary footage is removed leaving only the artifact-filled images around his grandfather’s cuts.

Mr. Moody (2007)
Directed by Douglas I. Schwartz, Fairborn
Video, 16:38 mins.
A fascinating and very personal documentary, Mr. Moody is a study of the filmmaker’s brother, whom he hasn’t seen in over two years.

Lollygagger (2006)
Directed by Matt Meindl, Gahanna
Video, 5:00 mins.
An experimental travelogue where all sidewalks are not created equal. Optically printed images of cars, planes, and feet document the need to keep moving despite all the wonderful little things that get left behind.

Dan (2007)
Directed by Angel Vasquez, Toledo
Video, 1:00 min.
Using repetitive images from found footage, Dan explores the cinematic experience of an encounter, pleasure, and resolution.

Homeslice (2007)
Directed by Daniel Olsen, Columbus
Video, 10:33 mins.
A fox and a slice of bread follow their hearts…

Glimpse (2007)
Directed by Dustin Arthur Grella, Medina
Video, 9:31 mins.
Still photography is set in motion in this short video that took seven months to complete. Chalkboards, soft pastels, and 17,000 frames of still images are used to create an amazing moving canvas inspired by Willem de Kooning.

Measured Out (2007)
Directed by Jill Yanik, Cleveland
Video, 1:10 mins.
A ballerina is attacked by a measuring tape in this stop-motion animation that explores ideas of body image.

Amsterdam (2006)
Directed by Colin James McDonald, Columbus
Video, 1:56 mins.
This hand-animated short is about the moon’s journey to the sky on one particular night. It displays the filmmaker’s interest in “the way animation can give life and personality to utterly anything.”

WilFoster Mics Love to the Camera (2007)
Directed by Will Foster, Columbus
Video, 3:24 mins.
Showcase regular Will Foster is back with another unique work that riffs on the interplay between AV technology and his body.

Stalk Photos (2006)
Directed by Corey Aumiller, Columbus
Video, 9:45 mins.
Aumiller‘s film depicts “a blighted artist who must confront his strange fascinations after developing a disturbing roll of film.”

Something Lost (2007)
Directed by Bryce Koechlin, Columbus
Video, 2:10 mins.
Koechlin’s interpretive CGI-animated short contemplates the changes in nature brought about through global warming and the destruction of eco-systems.

Pussy Slut #3 (2007)
Directed by John Foster Sylva, Fairborn
Video, 5:45 mins.
This short video essay examines the trivialization and objectification of women by the media and society.

Erase (2006)
Directed by Charlie Roberts, Columbus
Video, 9 mins.
In this performance piece, the artist erases himself into a “white void” until he disappears for the duration of one held breath, only to return from the void through the cleansing process provided by one gallon of water.

Authority Head Exorcism (2006)
Directed by Daniel J. King, Reynoldsburg
Video, 2: 26 mins.
King describes his work as “found footage, personal memories, and handmade film-explosions [manifesting] a psychological landscape of conflict where personal and political intersect.”

The Fixer (2006)
Directed by John Whitney & Produced by Charles Kocel, Columbus
Video, 5:36 mins.
A slacker tries to win back the heart of his ex-girlfriend by enlisting the help of the only woman he can get to kiss him.

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