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Ohio Shorts Youth Division Highlights


All images courtesy of the artists

Luc Robitaille
Ohio Shorts Youth Division Highlights
Dec 2, 2010–Dec 31, 2010
Catch the best of this year’s Ohio Shorts Youth Division! This month’s program features the prize-winning entries from our annual festival of video made by Ohio youth.

The works included offer just a glimpse of the vision and creativity in this new generation of media makers. (app. 23 mins., video)

Lila Angel (8 mins., 37 secs.)
Sydnie Boykins, Reynoldsburg, age 12

When a family adopts an eight-year-old girl named Lila, miraculous things start happening around their house. The oldest daughter, Lindsay, notices that something is different about her new sister.

Children in Black I: Mission Objective—Popsicles (3 mins., 47 secs.)
Lindiwei Farrow-Harris, Columbus, age 17

This spy video was created as a school homework project for my digital video production class. It features my five younger siblings ambushing our parents as they return from the grocery store with goodies. The requirements were that I write up the documents and that the film be under 4 minutes. (Honorable Mention)

Portrait of a Day (1 min., 41 secs.)
Kamerynn Harrah, Hilliard, age 17

Project guidelines were to document a place that is important to you. I extended the project and documented my entire day in a synesthesia-inspired way: seeing sounds. (Second Prize)

Imagination (3 mins., 14 secs.)
Luc Robitaille, Columbus, age 18

Real life turns to fiction as a tired high school student daydreams. (Third Prize)

Project Beat (4 mins., 55 secs.)
Sittikiat “Bank” Saelim, Groveport, age 17

This movie is about a group of young adults showing their own perspective on music. (First Prize)
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