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Ohio Shorts: Youth Division Screening Party 

Screening at 7PM

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Please join us for a party honoring all the Ohio Shorts: Youth Division participants, friends, and family through 9 PM featuring terrific snacks, beverages, music, button-making, photography, and art-making tables.

This year’s showcase was organized by Jean Pitman, the Wexner Center’s educator for youth programs, with assistance and cooperation from Graduate Associates Liz Dang and Uttara Manohar, Director of Education Shelly Casto, Film/Video Studio Editors Paul Hill and Mike Olenick, and Film/Video Curator Jennifer Lange.

Selections were made by the following jurors:

  • Rashana Smith, video artist, dance/choreographer, educator
  • Justin Lintelman, program assistant in performing arts and media arts, Wexner Center for the Arts

Showcase participants, don’t forget to pick up your free 2013 Ohio Shorts: Youth Division T-shirt designed by Josiah Clements. T-shirts are also available for sale in the Wexner Center Store. 


Descriptions are based on those supplied by filmmakers. All works are screened on video.

Alone (4 mins., 59 secs.)
Brian Ferenchik, age 17, Hilliard
Hilliard Davidson High School
A teenage girl comes home late one night to unsuspectingly find three dead bodies in her house. She realizes the killer may be closer than she first thought.

Getting Where I Want To Go (1 min., 48 secs.)
Mimi Stillman, age 16, Columbus
Upper Arlington High School
This stop-motion video was a sketch assignment for my International Baccalaureate multimedia graphics class. It consists of 417 shots, printed on paper, most run through a shredder and shot again, finally assembled into video form.

Bigger Than Boxing (3 mins., 47 secs.)
David Michael, age 16, Dublin
Dublin Coffman High School
This documentary features a high school senior, Miranda Nicasio, who created a boxing program for younger students in an inner city school.

Pelita Cita Indonesia (2 mins., 16 secs.)
Radhiyan Pribadi, age 17, Columbus
Westerville Central High School
A short video about dreams and adventures for Indonesian exchange students that will go explore the world.

Sticky Note (2 mins., 19 secs.)
Martell Johnson, age 17, Columbus
Fort Hayes Career Center
A short video about the use of sticky notes to communicate.

third prize
OUT (5 mins.)
Kaitlyn Poling, age 18, Columbus
Beechcroft High School
A short documentary compiling the coming out stories of 18 people ages 13–44. Also, I briefly touch on civil rights and the Lawrence King tragedy.

LINKIN PARK—Burn it Down (in Lego) (4 min., 12 secs.)
Jack Campise, age 14, Columbus
I made this video for an entry to Linkin Park’s contest on I used stop-motion animation and Lego bricks to make my entry.

second prize
5 Senses (1 min., 6 secs.)
Chelsea Yount, age 18, Hilliard
Hilliard Davidson High School
The guidelines for this project were to make a video with a big idea. My big idea was all about our five senses and how life would be without them.

Healing Open Wounds (3 mins., 13 secs.)
Ellie Hall, age 16, Upper Arlington
Upper Arlington High School/Fort Hayes Career Center
Alex feels sinful in world of perfection and cuts herself to release the pain. Alex must choose if she will let her sister in on her secret.

Alice in Wonderland (48 secs.)
Jade Sonnenfroh, age 16, Lily Theiben, 14, Lucy Williard, 15, and Grace Mooney, 14
The Arts and College Prep Academy
This short was created as an introduction to stop motion using the iStopMotion app on our iPad. This is our first project.

Teenage Problems (4 mins., 18 secs.)
Philip Frentsos, age 17, Delaware
Delaware Hayes High School
This is a music video by The Psalmist. He raps about teenage problems and how God is in control.

Food Web (3 mins., 1 sec.)
5th Grade Gifted Students, Westerville
Hanby Elementary
The project began with individual students’ research projects on a specific animal. Students created storyboards, clay characters, and animated what they learned.

The Secret of the Disappearing Bees (4 mins., 37 secs.)
Ursula (Asha) Brogan, age 16, Delaware
Rutherford B. Hayes High School
This documentary discusses the importance of bees in human culture and the threats that are slowly terminating them.

An Uplifting Song (Official Music Video) (3 mins., 9 secs.)
Spencer Channell, age 14, and Austin Crum, 15, Powell
Olentangy Orange High School
My history teacher wanted us to write an essay. I (Spencer) wanted to make a music video. The result is this informative music video about grain elevators.

Hands (3 mins., 17 secs.)
Mackenna Mayfield, age 18, Hilliard
Hilliard Davidson High School
An interview-style documentary about the significance of hands.

first place
Finding Happiness (2 mins., 15 secs.)
Liv Barney, age 17, Hilliard
Hilliard Davidson High School
A combination of stop motion and traditionally drawn animation, this story tells about a person’s effort to find a place where she can belong and discover overall happiness.

Bed Head (2 mins., 29 secs.)
Josiah Clements, age 18, Columbus
Home schooled
A stop-motion/live-action video about a struggle to escape the iron grip of sleep.

Missed Connection (3 mins., 25 secs.)
Rachel Allegra, age 17, Columbus
Metro High School
Inspired by a video of the same title by Hattie Rex on YouTube, this is the story of my own missed connection.


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