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Phil Solomon in Person


Rehearsals for Retirement images courtesy of Phil Solomon
Phil Solomon in Person
Phil Solomon, 1999-2008
Oct 1, 2008
"Phil Solomon is the Méliès of digital cinema, if not its Cocteau."—Sam Wells

Phil Solomon, who lives in Boulder, Colorado, makes a rare in-person appearance to present the trilogy of his recent Grand Theft Auto digital videos (plus a prologue), including a preview of Still Raining, Still Dreaming (2008), made from the blockbuster hi-def game Grand Theft Auto IV. These works have caused a sensation wherever they’ve screened, so don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity. As an introduction to Solomon’s film work, we’ll also be showing one of his most acclaimed films, Twilight Psalm II: Walking Distance (1999), and the night may have other surprises and glimpses at works-in-progress in store. (approx. 90 mins., video & 16mm)

The following films will be included in the program:
Twilight Psalm II: Walking Distance (1999) 23 mins.
Untitled (for David Gatten) (2005) 5 mins.
Rehearsals for Retirement (2007) 11 mins.
Last Days in a Lonely Place (2007) 20 mins.
Still Raining, Still Dreaming (2008) running time TBD
Plus another new work to be announced
PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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