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Images courtesy of the Bleeding Light Film Group
NEW 35MM PRINT Andrzej Żulawski, 1981
Fri, July 13, 2012 7 PM
Sat, July 14, 2012 7 PM
"As a film journalist, one hears the expression 'lost masterpiece' on a near daily basis. So we were completely unprepared for the sheer, mind-melting ferocity and breathless originality of this savage, politically fuelled 1981 marital breakdown monster movie."—Time Out London

Filmed in a still-divided Berlin (in many of the same locations Wim Wenders would later use in Wings of Desire), Possession is one of the most extreme marital breakup films ever created and a polarizing, notorious cult classic that's only now starting to receive serious consideration. When the marriage of a couple played by Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani (who won Best Actress awards at Cannes and in the Césars, the French Oscars, for her intense performance) starts to go wrong, things escalate into the violent, surreal, and bizarre. Recalling David Cronenberg, Lars von Trier, and Ingmar Bergman, Possession’s apocalyptic and overheated fantasy was influenced by the then-recent messy divorce of writer/director Andrzej Żulawski, the enfant terrible of Polish cinema. (127 mins., 35mm)

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