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Robert Beavers


Robert Beavers
Fri, Nov 6, 2009 7 PM
"One of the most exacting minds and singular sensibilities at work in the movies." - Village Voice

American expatriate Robert Beavers has been making and refining his exquisite films in relative isolation in Europe since the late 1960s. But only within the past decade has he begun to show them more widely—and his substantial body of work has been met with tremendous critical acclaim. "Add Robert Beavers to the pantheon. This is an epochal event," Nathan Lee, for example, wrote in the New York Sun on the occasion of a 2005 retrospective at the Whitney Museum. Beavers, who was born in Massachusetts, mixes lyrical autobiography with a precise formal beauty that displays a thoughtful command of all aspects of filmmaking. As Susan Oxtoby of the Pacific Film Archive has aptly noted, his films "seem to embody the ideals of the Renaissance in their fascination with perception, psychology, literature, the natural world, architectural space, musical phrasing, and aesthetic beauty."

It’s a special honor to have Beavers introduce this rare screening in person. You’ll see four astounding, sensuous films, including his most recent one (and his first shot in America in almost forty years). Follow the links below to find out more about this fascinating film artist. (app. 70 mins., 35mm and 16mm)

Featured Films
AMOR, 1980, 35mm, color, sound, 15 mins.
Filmed in Italy (Rome, Verona) and Austria (Salzburg)

The Stoas, 1991–97, 35mm, color, sound, 22 mins.
Filmed in Greece (Athens, Gortynia)

The Ground, 1993–2001, 35mm, 20 mins.
Filmed in Greece (Island of Hydra)

Pitcher of Colored Light, 2000–20007, 16mm, 23 mins.
Filmed in Falmouth, Massachusetts

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