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Stephen Connolly Machine Space


Machine Space, courtesy of the artist.
Stephen Connolly
Machine Space


Apr 1, 2017–Apr 30, 2017

British filmmaker Stephen Connolly uses the city of Detroit—its economic and social history as well as its urban design—to explore the larger question of how space is constructed. Present-day images of Detroit, fractured and reflected through a car windshield, are combined with historical images, the voices of residents, and footage of a family playing the board game Life. The driving force of capitalism is revealed, and so great is its influence that space itself becomes a product—one shaped by inhabitation, spatial negotiation, and racial privilege. (38 mins., video)

The production of Machine Space was supported by the Wexner Center’s Film/Video Studio Program, the focus of this month’s Picture Lock festival screening April 7–8.

PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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