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Tar Creek


Tar Creek images courtesy of Jump the Fence Productions
Tar Creek
Matt Myers, 2009

Food Design

Martin Hablesreiter & Sonja Stummerer, 2010
Thu, Feb 10, 2011 7 PM
This double feature examines an environmental disaster in northeastern Oklahoma and the tricks and techniques used to make food appeal to all our senses.

Tar Creek tells the story of what was once one of the largest zinc and lead mines on the planet and is now one of the country's worst environmental disasters. Thirty years after the 40-square-mile area in northeastern Oklahoma was designated for federal cleanup as a Superfund site, its residents are still waiting for justice, decontamination, and relocation to safer ground. (73 mins., video)

The eye-popping Food Design examines how our food is scientifically engineered to appeal to all of our senses and maximize the emotional and psychological pleasure we derive from it. (52 mins., video)

Food Design begins at 8:25 PM.

Field & Screen 2011 is supported by community partners Dine Originals Columbus, Global Gallery, Local Matters, Slow Food Columbus, and Wayward Seed Farm.

Tar Creek

Food Design
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