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Things Sinkin’ With a Melody: Michael Robinson in Person


All images courtesy of Michael Robinson All Through the Night
Things Sinkin’ With a Melody: Michael Robinson in Person
Wed, Apr 2, 2008 7 PM
“There can no longer be any question that Robinson is the most significant new experimental filmmaker to emerge in the last decade.”—Michael Sicinski, GreenCine Daily

Voted the “Most Promising Filmmaker” at last year’s Ann Arbor Film Festival, the young Chicago-based Michael Robinson has since delivered on that promise with a string of beautiful and enigmatic short films. He combines elements from across the cultural spectrum (from Guns N’ Roses to Frank O’Hara) to create uplifting cinematic ballads about heartbreak, loss, fear, and the end of modernism. Robinson presents and introduces a selection of his most celebrated works, as well as his recently completed video All Through the Night. (app. 80 mins., 16mm and video)

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers (2005)
8 mins., 16mm

The General Returns From One Place to Another (2006)
11 mins., 16mm transferred to video

Tidal (2001)
7 mins., 16mm

And We All Shine On (2006)
7 mins., 16mm

Light Is Waiting (2007)
11 mins., video

Chiquitita and the Soft Escape (2003)
10 mins., 16mm

All Through the Night (2008)
6 mins., video

Victory Over the Sun (2007)
12 mins., 16mm

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