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Urban Tap

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Herbin Van Cayseele
Photo: Paolo Vescia
Urban Tap
Sat, Oct 27, 2001 8 PM

"Astonishing elegance and virtuosity. One is tempted to call him the best dancer of any kind around."--New York Times

A Bessie Award winner for 2000 and former Riverdance standout, Herbin "Tamango" Van Cayseele is a dynamic young tapper whose hip-hop flavored pyrotechnics more than meet Savion's challenge to revolutionize tap for today.

Born in French Guiana, Tamango honed his art as a street dancer in Paris, then exploded on the New York scene with a dazzling style marked by subtlety and sinuous grace. With word of his talent spreading fast, he assembled a diverse crew that includes freestyle tappers, breakdancers, acrobatic African stilt dancers, and Brazilian capoeira stylists. These energetic performers have coalesced as Urban Tap, one of the hottest companies to emerge in the past year. Of their debut show Time Out New York noted, "the audience was transfixed, Van Cayseele was resplendent."

With a live band throwing down jazzy funk beats, Tamango showcases hip, lightning quick moves and leads his amazing Urban Tap troupe through eye-popping exchanges.

Sponsor, Fellow, and Donor Circles members are entitled to two free tickets to either Urban Tap or Compagnie Maguy Marin, coming in May, as a benefit of their membership (subject to availability).

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