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Art in Action Call for Applications

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Art in Action
Call for Applications

Applications due April 15 | 5 PM

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 5 PM

For many artists, art is a vehicle for communication. Among other things, an artist’s work can raise awareness about a social injustice, it can serve as a means of protest, or it can help the artist (and viewer) work through an interpersonal issue.

Art in Action brings teachers, their students, and the Wexner Center together in partnership to create art that creates change. This partnership begins with rigorous professional development for teachers, setting the foundation for school-driven, transdisciplinary lesson planning. Activities that take place at the start of each partnership will build the foundation of knowledge needed to understand how art can be used as a catalyst for change. Students and their teachers will become actively aware of the conceptual and communicative nature of contemporary art.

During this period, participants can either choose to respond to an issue presented by the work of a contemporary artist or, instead, choose and explore an issue or problem of particular concern to their group or school. Art in Action projects are not meant to stand apart from regular classroom activities (creating a lot more work). Each collaborative project will be designed by participating teachers in partnership with Wexner Center staff and will be planned to compliment and intertwine with day to day classroom curriculum.

An important element of Art in Action is community involvement. Participants will be encouraged to engage in project/issue research, utilizing resources and primary sources found in Columbus or the broader national and global community. Art in Action will also utilize center programming as a major resource, bringing classes to the Wexner Center repeatedly throughout the partnership. The Wexner Center will provide assistance and financial support to Art in Action partners. This can include bus subsidies, special teaching support, and help with project supply purchases. Beyond the school day, Art in Action educators will become primed to act as liaisons between their students and Wexner Center youth programming, working with center staff to promote weekend workshops and other non-school-based activities, keeping students engaged in their community.

Please contact Tracie McCambridge at or (614) 292-6982 with any questions you may have about this opportunity, or click here to apply.

PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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