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Baobab Public Performances For ages 4 and up

Public Programs

Photos: Robert Etcheverry
Public Performances
For ages 4 and up
Theatre Motus (Longueuil, Canada)
Coproduced with Troupe SÔ (Mali)
Fri, Mar 11, 2011 7 PM
Sat, Mar 12, 2011 2 PM
Young ones, and the young at heart, will be swept away by the striking masks and puppetry of this tale based on West African storytelling traditions.

"Making wonderful use of puppets, costumes and music onstage, Theatre Motus beautifully creates a mythic world where a single kid has all the power, and the village's adults can only guide him to use it wisely."—Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald

In West Africa, where a drought has brought hardship for many years, an ancient baobab tree, known in West Africa as the "mother of the forest," stands watch. One day, the ancient tree brings forth an egg, and from this egg a little boy is born. The people in the village discover that he is the only one who can free the water buried in the heart of the ancient baobab. The brave young boy goes on a quest filled with challenges and excitement.

This show features incredible live music on traditional African instruments including the kora (an instrument similar to the lute), balophone (akin to a xylophone), and mbira (or "thumb piano") along with ingenious puppetry and mask work. Baobab was inspired by the West African griot tradition of musically accompanied oral storytelling.

Théâtre Motus, based in Quebec, Canada, specializes in works for young audiences that meld music, puppeteering, and traditional theater techniques into unique performance experiences.

Wexner Center Members at the Patron Level and above can receive a free child's ticket (with each adult ticket purchased) for this performance. Call the ticket office at (614) 292-3535 to reserve your tickets.

The Wexner Center is proud to collaborate on this program with the award-winning Columbus Metropolitan Library, which is providing program and promotional support.

Special information about the Saturday matinee performance:
After seeing the magical puppetry of Baobab, families can make their own puppet from a painted wooden spoon, a sock, or an oven mit! (3-3:45PM) Also, be sure to pick up your free Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams treat on your way out the door. This performance will also be ASL interpreted.ASL Logo

PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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