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Ohio Short Film & Video Showcase Youth Division

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Dogzilla image courtesy of Eryn Pierce
Ohio Short Film & Video Showcase
Youth Division
Sat, May 10, 2008 5 PM
Don’t miss the incredibly creative and dynamic work created by youth in Ohio!

The Youth Division of the Ohio Short Film/Video Showcase provides Ohio's younger independent media artists a chance to show their work in a theatrical setting. Last year's enthusiastic crowd witnessed 27 short works by young artists from around the state. Prizes are awarded to the top youth-produced videos. All are encouraged to attend the screening and the reception afterwards, with live music by Mickey St. Charles. The evening screening, featuring works by filmmakers ages 19 and up, follows at 7 PM.

Keep reading for a complete list of films. PRIZE WINNER
If I Had a Ribbon Bow (2008)
Ashley Knotts, St. Paris
Video, 1 min., 51 secs.
A short stop-motion animation music video about ribbon bows and other necessities.

Dogzilla (2007)
Eryn Pierce, Columbus
Video, 2 mins., 23 secs.
This film is my personal interpretation of an attack scene. It involves my dachshund, Hershey, and a block city that I have constructed. My inspiration for this piece was none other than the classic film Godzilla.

Scoots (2007)
Dylan Kasson, Westerville
Video, 2 mins., 10 secs.
Footage of extreme scooter rider Dylan Kasson at places in central Ohio.

Crossover (2008)
Javis Williamson, Dayton
Video, 32 secs.
Some guys will stop at nothing to win the game.

Chaos (2008)
Billy Ennis, Columbus
Video, 1 min., 35 secs.
My vision of chaos and how I wanted to make it beautiful.

Intervention—Feline Edition (2008)
Alex Caperton, Columbus
Video, 10 mins., 2 secs.
When a new dog turns his world upside-down and a mysterious stranger offers new “treats,” a family cat strays into an addiction to catnip. Will an intervention save this tabby, or has he thrown all 9 lives into the litter box?

Kiss Alive (2008)
Nicholas Reichard, Columbus
Video, 2 mins., 22 secs.
KISS, the band, comes alive in rock and roll claymation when the musicians play the song “Detroit Rock City.”

The Gold Cup Cake (2008)
Christopher Willis, Columbus
Video, 7 mins., 01 sec.
A parody film to showcase bad acting in a humorous way. Video with many background interferences and viewers.

Bonk (2008)
Vincent Alexander, Carroll
Video, 3 mins.
A bizarre cartoon comedy featuring a little blob’s attempts to read a book… including anvils, explosives, and mallets, purely for your enjoyment.

Dodgeball (2008)
Pat Dougherty, Hilliard
Video, 35 secs.
A repetition piece with a good message.

Nothing to Do (2008)
Damien Kirk, Columbus
Video, 4 mins., 8 secs.
Seven bored friends decide to make a movie about a television remote control thief. Nothing to Do is a music video made with the song “Experimental Film” by They Might Be Giants.

Epitaph of a Young Pilgrim (2007)
Allie Smith, Gahanna
Video, 9 mins., 54 secs.
Epitaph of a Young Pilgrim is the story of an angel who has lost her wings and is thrown into the mortal world. She experiences the compassionate nature of humans, but is innocent and naïve toward the simple and brute nature of that kindness. Dismayed, the angel makes a last attempt to regain her wings at the risk of losing her innocence; she falls and therefore adopts the indifferent disposition of the humans around her.

Delineation (2008)
Colin McDonald, Dublin
Video, 5 mins., 1 sec.
An unemployed graphic artist finds a mysterious journal in which his drawings come to life. He is pursued by those drawings and must use the journal against itself to stay alive. This short film was conceived, shot, and edited in about 20 hours for a 10-day video competition.

Sympathy (2007)
Skye Dalrymple, Hilliard
Video, 3 mins., 40 secs.
Animation for Invisible Children Concert.

Field Trip (2008)
Nikkie Woellert, Hilliard
Video, 1 min., 33 secs.
Field Trip is a video depicting a wandering mind during class. It shows how something most people perceive as a waste of time, such as doodling on a desk, can produce something meaningful.

Rough Cops (2008)
Alex Thomas, Hilliard
Video, 10 mins., 6 secs.
Michael Bualsky is a high school hall monitor who takes his job too seriously. Unfortunately, so does the entire school. Rough Cops tells the story of bold sacrifice and the importance of friends.

This year's Ohio Short Film & Video Showcase Youth Division competition and screening was organized by Wexner Center staff members Kendra Meyer, Michele Fuchs, and Paul Hill, Columbus video artists Liv Gjestvang and Corey Aumiller, and Wexner Center youth intern Kim Palmisano.
PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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