Now on Instagram: the Wexner Center Store

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Apr 26, 2023

A row of books, some propped up and some resting flat, sit on top of light wood shelving in the Wexner Center Store.

For years, the Wexner Center Store has been a destination for those who love great books about the arts and unique, art-centric gift ideas. The Store's following reflects the thought and care that Manager Matt Reber and Assistant Manager Marlin Hauff put into curating its selection. Now, Hauff is sharing some of the ideas and enthusiasm behind what ends up on the Store's shelves on social.

Hauff is the irreverent voice behind @TheWexStore, a new Instagram account focused exclusively on what you might discover on a visit to the brick-and-mortar. In keeping with the Store's vibe, posts will typically focus on books from independent publishers and items created or licensed by artists, many of these with connections to past, present, or future programming at the Wex. And the aim is to stand apart from standard retail brand content. 

"I'm trying to navigate the fine line between shopkeep speak and being an actual human being," Hauf says. "At our core, we're purveyors of pretty, shiny things and we want to get as many of those things out into the world as possible."

A screen shot of a post from The Wexner Center Store's Instagram feed, featuring a t-shirt made for the exhibition Meditation Ocean.

Follow @TheWexStore on IG to check out Hauff's selections in the weeks ahead and let us know what you like. Coming in the fall: the opportunity to shop Store items directly from the IG feed.  


Wexner Center Store photo: Rachael Crouch

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