We believe in the power of the arts to illuminate and reflect the complexities of contemporary life and to encourage cross-cultural understanding. We champion creative inquiry and experimentation among artists and audiences alike, connecting them through provocative and inspiring productions, programs, and personal encounters.

Be equally artist-centric and audience-focused

  • Support artistic innovation and experimentation
  • Encourage cross-disciplinary research and expression
  • Accommodate complexity in creative ideas and processes
  • Connect audiences to the creative process; offer multiple portals for access and engagement

Feed the culture, lead the culture

  • Invest in ambitious creative research and practice
  • Cultivate collaboration among artists, academics, and thought leaders
  • Underscore and activate art’s relevance to contemporary life and issues
  • Stimulate cultural curiosity, connectivity, and civility

Inspire the “aha!” moment

  • Captivate, engage, and immerse
  • Provoke, surprise, and delight
  • Ignite fresh thinking; foster new perspectives
  • Inspire self-discovery and empathy for others

Porous to Possibility

  • Ask questions; question answers
  • Take risks; make almost anything happen
  • Be open and nimble; embrace innovation; welcome difference
  • Abide and learn from experience, even the occasional failure