GenWex Advisory Committee

The GenWex Advisory Committee (GWAC) is a lively group of Wex members whose mission is to engage young professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives in the life of the center. Part social, part educational, the committee plans GenWex Presents events throughout the year, including the annual fundraiser, Off the Grid (OTG).

"What I like most about supporting the Wex is that I am able to be involved and give back to a community and organization that has already given so much to me."
—Jessica Burton, GenWex Advisory Committee

The OTG Host Committee is a great way to see GWAC in action if you are interested in joining! Comprised of individuals who align themselves with all that is GenWex and want to support the premier art party and fundraiser, Off the Grid, the committee plays a vital role in the success of the event by helping to spread the word and sell tickets.

Advisory Committee Members

Lindsay Acker
Sonia Baidya
Sarah Ball
Lindsey Beetem
Emily Bessell
Lauren Brady
AJ Burt
Jessica Burton
Jessica Cáceres
Megan Chalfant
Laura Cianca
Sydney Cologie
Ambrose DuPree
Sandra Enimil
Marisa Espe
Amy Fleenor
Diana Gerber
Sarah Grosh
Joanna Hammer
Julie Harrison
Kyle Hatfield
Maria Joranko
Haley Kider
Valerie Kohlwey
Cathy Kujala
Katie Laux
Jordan Matthiass
Elaine McLoughlin-Overholt
Kelly McNicholas
Rian Medina
Kellie Morgan Lutzko
Michaela Nardo
Mindi Ortiz
Michael Paitoo
Rue Payne
Alana Ryder
Yohannan (Yogi) Terrell
Adam Vincent
Tracey Walterbusch
Matthew Wovrosh
Lucy Zimmerman


GWAC Contact

If you would like to learn more about GWAC, please contract Sarah Ball at 614-291-9802 or