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Trash Humpers



Trash Humpers
Harmony Korine, 2009

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"A gloriously desultory slap in the face of public taste."–Village Voice

"A perverted love letter to fans of Harmony Korine's brand of unstable, fringe-y terror. Korine works in an almost blissfully weird utopia of marginalized naughtiness and the result is a dubious classic of sorts, part avant-garde nightmare, part anti-nature documentary, and part satire of our YouTube-era voyeurism."—Los Angeles Times

The latest polarizing film from Harmony Korine, the creator of Gummo and Mister Lonely, Trash Humpers follows a small gang of sinister, creepy "elderly" peeping toms through the shadows and streetlights of a familiar suburban landscape. They drag baby dolls around on bicycles, bust television sets with hammers, slap big fat BLANK while proudly chomping down on stogies, and yeah...they do some trash humping too. Their behavior makes for viewing that is as compelling as it is unbearable - images that, in classic Korine style, scorch themselves on your mind's eye, leaving you squinting for the foreseeable future. (78 mins., 35mm)

Made in Ohio reception

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