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Enjoy film, visual art, music, dance, and theater with year-round savings.


Be invited to curated member events and share your Wex love with the community.


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Ensure contemporary art thrives in our region—and meet the artists, curators, and community leaders who make it possible.


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Immerse yourself in cutting-edge cultural experiences. Engage in dialogues about the most pressing issues of our times—and identify actions to address them. Contribute to initiatives that support anti-racist efforts and foster disruptive change. Ensure everyone in our community has access to the arts and encourage creative thinking in our schools.

Do all this and more when you become a Wex member.

Whether contributing $1 or $10,000, you're taking a stand for creativity, artists, and the role art plays in imagining a just society. The more you give, the more behind-the-scenes information and access you'll have. But no matter the amount, you have a place here—as well as discounts, special events, and sneak peeks.

the wexner center for the arts' southern facade featuring a brick tower and white metal grid on a sunny day

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