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Sleeping Beauty

Nov 24–Nov 26
Film/Video Theater
Here’s your chance to see one of the most-beloved of Disney’s animated features in an ultra-rare 70mm print.

Ivan Tsarevitch and the Changing Princess: Four Enchanting Tales

Dec 2
Film/Video Theater
The decorated director of Zoom favorites Kirikou and the Wild Beasts (2005), Azur and Asmar (2006), and Tales of the Night (2011) returns with another timeless collection of fairy tales told in his trademark silhouette style.

4 Days in France

Dec 7
Film/Video Theater
A sly and sophisticated take on gay romance in the 21st century, 4 Days in France begins when Pierre sneaks away from his lover Paul one ordinary morning in Paris.

Il Boom

Dec 8–Dec 9
Film/Video Theater
Most associated with the neorealist movement and films such as Bicycle Thieves (1948) and Umberto D. (1952), Vittoria De Sica also had a great gift for comedy, both behind and in front of the camera. A great, if relatively unknown, example of the commedia all’italiana,...

No Maps on My Taps

Dec 15–Dec 16
Film/Video Theater
No Maps for My Taps was documentarian George Nierenberg’s quest to capture the excitement, history, and beauty of the then-fading art of tap dancing through living legends Bunny Briggs, Howard “Sandman” Sims, and Chuck Green.

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