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Wex Lab: MAKE TV

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Image courtesy of the Smiths

Wex Lab: MAKE TV


These creative workshops can be for teens, tweens, or multigenerational groups. The workshops are kept small to provide individual attention—so register promptly.

Sat, Jan 30, 2010 11 AM

Even though it’s the “couch-potato” time of the year, why not get up and “make TV” as a family? You’ll see how to plan, storyboard, shoot, and edit a complete simple DVD all inside of one day.

The Smiths—Elaine, Sean, Olivia (age 9), and Rosie (age 4)—are artist/educators and a young family that frequently turns TV time on its head. They’ll help you expand your media literacy together. In conjunction with our Hard Targets exhibition, we are encouraging families to choose a favorite sports prop or theme for their one-day video production in our Performance Space.

Self-defined family groups are invited to attend together. This intensive one-day workshop also includes a free lunch and a speedy tour of highlights from Hard Targets.

Registration for this workshop is full.

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