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Corporate Support


Corporate Support

“It’s been really great to see….Columbus’s evolution and continued growth. And I think to a high degree, the city’s development is going to be dependent on organizations like the Wexner Center continuing to lead the way.”—Pete Scantland, CEO of Orange Barrel Media

Corporate Sponsorship and Memberships: Generous contributions from local and international companies and foundations are an essential source of revenue for the Wex, allowing us to serve audiences and artists alike. The return on the investment is significant, helping the Wex continue to serve as a cultural leader in Columbus that generates jobs, attracts creative thinkers, and raises awareness of the city and region as a whole. And given uncertainty on the state and federal funding fronts, corporate support is critical, now more than ever.

Through your support of the Wex, you will:

  • Reinforce and advance the profile of a Columbus as an open, smart, diverse, and culturally sophisticated city.
  • Help your company recruit and retain an innovative workforce, especially millennials.
  • Raise awareness of your company as a forward-thinking, community-focused place to work.
  • Enjoy special privileges designed for the corporate community, such as private company tours or discounts on meeting spaces.

An array of recognition options and other benefits are available. Contact the Corporate Giving Office to discuss your company's involvement with the Wex.

PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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