Performing Arts

Abby Zbikowski


A photo of Abby Zbikowski in front of a darker background. Abby's left hand touches their chin. Abby has short blond/brown hair.

Abby Zbikowski, a choreographer and alumnus of Ohio State’s Department of Dance, will use a five-week residency this fall to continue work on Radioactive Practice. The genre-bending performance draws on movement traditions such as hip-hop, modern dance, West African, tap, synchronized swimming, and soccer, intentionally testing the performers’ physical and mental limits as they reconceive histories that have been warped by racist, sexist, and classist misinformation.

Zbikowski will team with Senegalese dance artist and Ohio State Assistant Professor Momar Ndiaye, who will serve as dramaturge. Work-in-progress showings for Ohio State students and faculty will lead up to a virtual presentation for the public, slated for spring 2022.