Hope Ginsburg

2020, 2021

Headshot of Hope Ginsburg standing in front of white wall. She's wearing a multi-colored shirt

An interdisciplinary, project-based artist living and working in Richmond, Virginia, Ginsburg seeks to build community around learning through a practice rooted in collaboration, creative cooperation, and firsthand experience. Her work has been presented numerous times at the Wex, including in The Box and as part of the 2004 exhibition Work Ethic

Building on her collaboratively produced 2019 installation Swirling, which captures the unseen collective labor of underwater coral farming, Ginsburg’s project Meditation Ocean extends her interest in climate change and marine ecology to include human health and well-being. The long-term project involves a residency in the Wex’s Film/Video Studio and work with youth and adults in the community, ultimately yielding an immersive multimedia installation intended to foster mindfulness, learning, and exchange. Ginsburg will also work with the center’s Department of Learning & Public Practice to engage the community, leading to an exhibition in winter 2023.

Ginsburg’s residency extends into 2022, ensuring she receives the full scope of support needed for this ambitious, multifaceted project.

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Pictured above: Hope Ginsburg
Photo by Monica Escamilla