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Conversation with Chris Bradley and Jason Bradley-Krauss

Mon, Mar 4, 2013

Chris Bradley and Jason Bradley-Krauss, two of our newest Donor Circles members, have already become frequent visitors to Wex events. Chris is the chief meteorologist at WBNS 10TV, and Jason is the creative director at House of Krauss, a graphic design agency. The couple lives in Worthington with their two children. They recently chatted with Senior Development Officer Katy Reis about their experiences so far and what they are looking forward to later this year.

Katy Reis: Tell us a little bit about why you joined the Wexner Center Donor Circles?

Chris Bradley and Jason Bradley-Krauss: We both have enjoyed many wonderful exhibitions at the Wexner Center but wanted to take greater advantage of this gem in our city. After attending the Wexner Center Anniversary Gala in 2011, we were excited to explore more of the programming for our entire family. The Wex encourages us to celebrate our passion for the arts and meet others who share this commitment.

KR: As new Donor Circles members, what benefit do you find most worthwhile and why?

CB and JBK: We have really enjoyed the docent-led tours of the exhibitions. (Thank you, Jeri Sutton!) These tours have helped us gain greater insights and appreciation of the works of art. Meeting Annie Leibovitz and attending the preview party last fall was a thrill we will not soon forget.

KR: What programs are you most looking forward to this spring and beyond?

CB and JBK: The Clock sounds fascinating. We are planning a midnight visit with the kids to experience the Wex in a whole new way. The Anniversary Gala in the fall is also always something to look forward to. (We will arrange for a baby-sitter!)

KR: Have you had the opportunity to bring your kids to the center and if so, what did they enjoy most?

CB and JBK: Chances are good that if you see us out and about, we will have our children in-tow. We are looking forward to participating in all of the programming at the Wex. With two growing children (Spencer is eight and Maria is soon-to-be six), there is a whole world of art to explore. As parents, we are challenged by a famous quote from Albert Einstein “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

KR: The Wex has programming for all kinds of arts enthusiasts. If you had to categorize yourselves, would characterize yourselves as primarily film fans, gallery goers, or followers of the performing arts? What do you like most about the area of the arts that draws you?

JBK: I’m a natural gallery goer! I attended art school in Detroit—The college was right next door to the Detroit Institute of Arts, which houses an incredible collection of art. I spent most of my lunch-hours wandering the galleries, trying to absorb as much of the work as I could. As a graphic designer, I look to art to inspire and challenge my creative thought process.

CB: I enjoy photography in particular. As you might expect, I especially like images of nature and the environment. In the past, the Wex has really challenged us by featuring unique exhibits that make us take a closer look at our planet.

KR: What is your favorite dish at Heirloom?

CB and JBK: While we have been tempted, neither of us have strayed from the Gila Monster Sandwich with a side of “the Grainy.” The coffee is delicious, too. The café au lait is near perfect.

PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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