WexCast: Inherent Structure artist Rebecca Morris

Marisa Espe & Melissa Starker

Mon, Jul 16, 2018

Rebecca Morris, "Untitled (#05-17)

For this WexCast, curatorial assistant Marisa Espe speaks with Rebecca Morris, one of the 16 artists featured in the original exhibition Inherent Structure. They discuss Morris's 2006 work Manifesto for Abstractionists and friends of the non-objective, which was published in Artforum as an ad for a gallery show, as well as her response to presenting work in our distinctive, grid-mapped, Peter Eisenman-designed building, and her fascination with finding just the right color. 

"I'm very aware of abstraction's potential to alienate people... Truly we live with abstraction all the time. We've already accepted abstraction. But there's a kind of rejection as if you need to know something else, and I've always thought one of the great things about art... is you can come to it and have your own experience with it."

Images: Rebecca Morris, Untitled (#05-17), 2017; Oil and spray paint on canvas; 98 x 101 1/4 in.; Courtesy of the artist, Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago, and Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin; Photo: Lee Thompson. Photo of Rebecca Morris at the Inherent Structure Exhibition Preview May 18, 2018, photo: Katie Spengler