WexCast: Quest filmmakers Jonathan Olshefski and Lindsay Utz

by Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Thu, Nov 30, 2017

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Chris Stults, Jonathan Olshefski, Lindsay Utz

The first edition of our new film festival Unorthodocs was a hit, and we can now officially say it will be back in 2018 with more great documentaries and visits from artists in the nonfiction field. Among this year's guests were filmmaker and visual artist Jonathan Olshelfski and Lindsay Utz, the editor who helped Jonathan shape his award-winning new doc Quest, a moving portrait of the Rainey family of Philadelphia that was shot over the course of a decade.

With the arrival of Quest in theaters today, we’re sharing the discussion that took place immediately after our October 21 screening between Jonathan, Lindsay, and Associate Film/Video Curator Chris Stults. In it, the filmmakers explain how Jonathan’s simple photo project about a hip hop recording studio owner spiraled into a 10-year odyssey that led to one of the must-see documentaries of 2017. 

Warning: Spoilers


Images: Chris Stults, Jonathan Olshefski and Lindsay Utz by Melissa Starker; Christopher and Christine Rainey in Quest, courtesy of The Film Collaborative