K-12 Programs

The Wexner Center’s K–12 teacher and school programs support educators and students by expanding the classroom to explore where we learn, how we learn, and what contemporary art experiences can offer. Drawing on the center’s exhibitions, performances, and film/video screenings, our programs emphasize critical and creative thinking, active looking, comprehension, and literacy development. Learning with the Wex complements curricula in language arts (including foreign languages), social studies, science, math, and history—as well as arts education. We work closely with our schools to support K–12 students and educators in meeting key academic content standards and learning objectives.

School programs at the Wex are always free, and bus subsidies are available.

For more information about partnering with us, email the Department of Learning & Public Practice at education@wexarts.org or call (614) 292-3535 and ask to be transferred to the department.

Tours and Gallery Experiences

A group of people tour a gallery

School tours and gallery experiences highlight the Wexner Center's exhibitions and architecture with age-appropriate content and discussion that is customized to support your curriculum and learning objectives. Tours and gallery admission for students, teachers, and chaperones are free. Visit the Teaching, Learning, and Interpretation page for more information.

Teachers, are you bringing your class to the Wexner Center soon? Find out more about our upcoming exhibitions.

Pages: Art and Writing

A stack of Pages books on a table

Pages is an innovative, multidisciplinary program for high school students that supports literacy and writing skills through the exploration of contemporary art.

This free program pairs educators and artists from the Wexner Center with teachers from across central Ohio in the planning of writing-based, experiential learning opportunities for students. Pages students visit the center to attend exhibitions of visual art, a dance or theater performance, and a film, then respond to those encounters in writing.

Students have the opportunity to publish their writing or artwork in a book produced by the Wexner Center and the chance to participate in an end-of-year open mic reading and reception at the center.

Pages is open to educators in any subject area—including English, humanities, social studies, history, the arts, media studies, and more—in public, private, and charter schools across central Ohio.

Find free Pages learning resources, and learn more about the program on our blog.


A student talks to her peers

Every thinking mind has a worldview. Each year the Wexner Center invites artists making work of cultural, political, social, and economic impact to offer students a broad cultural context for critical and creative thinking while supporting civic and global literacies. This program builds on the cross-cultural perspectives that engage and influence many contemporary artists to help students develop and shape their own worldview.

Expanded Classroom: Contemporary Art in Practice

A child wraps himself in fabric

Through Expanded Classroom, participants can tour an exhibition or watch a film, participate in a mindfulness session or a hands-on art-making studio, or work directly with an artist to expand their knowledge of themes, concepts, or a specific art form. This program also offers hands-on workshops with artists in the classroom or at the Wex and is designed to support student learning or educator professional development.

Short Studios: Artists Teaching, Teaching Artists

In this interactive video series, artists and creatives open their “studios” to demonstrate new and innovative practices. Wex Short Studios focus on craft, skill, creative choices, and making connections. We like to think of them as intimate conversations between artist and participants where the creative process is explored from start to finish. Studios are inclusive, and everyone is welcome regardless of skill level. The videos encourage viewers to make something out of whatever is available to them.

Check out our Short Studios playlist.