Teaching, Learning, and Interpretation

Community Educators Program

Contemporary art spaces are unique environments for teaching and learning in part because they are structured around sensory exploration, discussion, and interaction with art. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and share ideas freely in a supportive community.

Are you interested in facilitating inclusive arts conversations? Would you like to work with youth and families in hands-on workshops? Educators at the Wex can do all of this and more, engaging people of all ages and backgrounds with the center’s dynamic exhibitions, films, and performances. Educators also get the chance to participate in continuing education workshops, trainings, and behind-the-scenes experiences while discussing contemporary art with like-minded and passionate peers.

Positions are typically filled at the end of each academic year, as needed. For more information, email the Department of Learning & Public Practice at education@wexarts.org or call (614) 292-3535 and ask to be transferred to the department.

Tours and Gallery Experiences

Tours and other gallery learning experiences are great ways to find out more about the Wexner Center’s exhibitions and architecture, bringing art alive through spirited discussion and providing insights into contemporary culture. Educator-led and self-guided tours are available to audiences of all ages.

All tours are available free of charge. Each tour is customized to meet the needs and interests of participants. For more information about tours and gallery experiences, email the Department of Learning & Public Practice at education@wexarts.org or call (614) 292-3535 and ask to be transferred to the department.

School and Group Tours

Our tour program for schools introduces students to the art on view in the Wexner Center galleries and our building’s unique architecture. Our guided learning experiences are highly individualized, interactive, and age appropriate and can be customized to fit course objectives in language arts, social studies, history, visual arts, foreign languages, and other subjects. We develop resources for each exhibition and make them available to teachers; we encourage you to strategize with us about how we can plan your experience to enhance classroom curriculum and objectives.

The Wexner Center supports schools through our bus subsidy program, offering reimbursements for transportation costs to and from the Wex. Contact us at least three weeks in advance to schedule a visit for your students. Be sure to ask us about support for travel expenses and field trips.

University Tours

The Wexner Center offers tours of our exhibitions and architecture for university courses or groups from any discipline. Resources developed for each exhibition are available to course instructors. Contact us at least three weeks in advance to find out how we can design and schedule an experience together based on your course objectives.

Community Group Tours

Groups are welcome to inquire about our options for gallery-based learning. These experiences can be fun and educational for your club, organization, or workplace. Contact us at least three weeks in advance to inquire about options for your group.

Self-Guided Tours

Individuals and small groups are welcome to explore an exhibition at their own pace with our self-guided tours. We have exhibition-specific resources available for those who are looking to deepen their experience through helpful context and thoughtful questions that prompt discussion or writing. Contact us for more information about our resources.

Contemporary Art, Learning, and Public Practice

Contemporary Art, Learning, and Public Practice is a semester-long applied museum education course, offered through the Wexner Center in partnership with Ohio State’s Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy (AAEP). Students are encouraged to participate in the course, and all have the option to pursue course credit. This hands-on experience brings the theoretical into the realm of the practical and offers participants the chance to develop and discover skills applicable to the arts, education, cultural, and nonprofit sectors.

The Contemporary Art, Learning, and Public Practice course is taught by Dionne Custer Edwards, Head of Learning & Public Practice. The course is offered once a year in the fall. Space is limited. For more information, contact the Department of Learning & Public Practice at education@wexarts.org.