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The D Train Phantom Limb Afraid So The Darkness of Day


The Darkness of the Day image courtesy of Jay Rosenblatt
The D Train
Phantom Limb
Afraid So
The Darkness of Day
Introduced by Director Jay Rosenblatt
Sat, Apr 30, 2011 7 PM
Jay Rosenblatt introduces four more of his remarkable shorts and answers questions from the audience. Director Atom Egoyan calls him "an exquisite artist who makes beautifully crafted miniatures."

In Rosenblatt's latest, The D Train, an elderly man reflects on his life. (2011, 5 mins., video). Phantom Limb offers the director's meditation on the loss of his brother as a child. (2005, 28 mins., video) Afraid So is a short film about anxiety (2006, 3 mins, video). In The Darkness of Day, the director creates a haunting rumination on suicide inspired by the death of a friend 20 years ago. (2009, 26 mins., video)

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