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Dogfight, image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.
Dogfight, image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.
Dogfight (1991) Official Trailer - River Phoenix, Lili Taylor Drama Movie HD

Q&A with Lili Taylor

(Nancy Savoca, 1991)

Mon, Oct 2, 2017 7 PM

The bittersweet romance Dogfight stars River Phoenix as one of four Marines enjoying San Francisco on their last night before being shipped off to Vietnam (in 1963, on the night before President Kennedy is assassinated). They plan to attend a “dogfight” party, where each marine competes to bring the ugliest date. After Phoenix encounters a shy and reluctant girl (Taylor) in a coffee shop, she becomes his unwitting victim, only gradually realizing that their “date” is not what it appears. (89 mins., 35mm)

Dying to find out more about Taylor’s career? Ask her yourself after the screening when the actress participates in an audience Q&A. Join us earlier in the day for a free 4 PM screening of I Shot Andy Warhol followed by a cash bar reception to welcome Taylor in our lower lobby.

Print courtesy of the Sundance Institute Collection at the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

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