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The End of the Line*


Image courtesy of Magnolia Pictures
The End of the Line*
Rupert Murray, 2009

Food, Inc.*

Robert Kenner, 2008
Fri, Feb 5, 2010 7 PM
Tonight’s program looks at today’s fish and mass-produced food industries, revealing troubling—and often unsustainable—practices.

The End of the Line chronicles the devastating effects of our love affair with fish as food. Filmed over two years around the world, the film follows reporter Charles Clover as he confronts politicians, restaurateurs, and food producers about their harmful policies, practices, and collective impact on this crucial link in the global food chain. (83 mins., video)

Perhaps nothing has brought the industrialization of our food supply to the attention of the general populace more than the documentary Food, Inc (an Oscar nominee for best documentary feature). Featuring interviews with notable experts such as Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma) and Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser, the film reveals the often shocking truth about how our food supply is controlled by a handful of corporations that put profits over the health of workers and the people who consume their products. (94 mins., 35mm)

Food, Inc. begins at 8:35 PM.

Now What?*
After The End of the Line and Food, Inc., you can find out how to get started in changing your own food habits with brief presentations from Local Matters. Each offers ideas about how you can take immediate action on specific issues related to that film. Local Matters is a central Ohio not-for-profit that works to promote good nutrition, increase access to healthy, delicious local foods, and advocate for more equitable food policy.

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