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Forever and a Day


Corridor of Mirrors, image courtesy of the Cohen Collection
Forever and a Day
various filmmakers, 1943

Corridor of Mirrors

Terence Young, 1948
Thu, May 24, 2012 7 PM
These two classics from the 1940s are screened in conjunction with Cinevent 44, Columbus’s long-running annual gathering of cinephiles and collectors.

Forever and a Day, a star-studded omnibus film made as Hollywood’s tribute to Britain’s courage during the early years of WWII, was a collaborative effort between seven directors (including René Clair and Edmund Goulding) and 22 writers (including Christopher Isherwood and an uncredited Alfred Hitchcock). The film sees an American travel to Britain to sell an old house that belongs to his family. During the London air raids, he spends the night in a bomb shelter with a woman who tells him stories of the house’s history from its construction in 1804 to the present day. The cast features countless British and American stars, among them Buster Keaton, Charles Laughton, Ida Lupino, Ray Milland, Merle Oberon, and Claude Rains. (104 mins., 35mm)

Corridor of Mirrors, the directorial debut of Terence Young (Dr. No, Wait Until Dark), is a stunningly filmed tale of an artist who lives in the past and surrounds himself with Renaissance-era objects. The atmospheric film (including a memorable finale in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum) is frequently compared to Jean Cocteau’s fantastic works from the same era and is also notable for featuring Christopher Lee’s first on-screen appearance. (96 mins., 35mm)

Cinevent 44 takes place May 25–28 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Columbus. Visit for more information.
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