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Moustapha Alassane: Program 3


Bon Voyage Sim, image courtesy of the French Embassy, New York.
Kokoa, image courtesy of the French Embassy, New York.
Kokoa, image courtesy of the French Embassy, New York.
F.V.V.A. (Women Cars Villas Money), image courtesy of the French Embassy, New York.
Moustapha Alassane: Program 3
Wed, Oct 25, 2017 7 PM

The Wexner Center is proud to participate in the first-ever touring retrospective of pioneering Nigerien filmmaker Moustapha Alassane. Alassane’s career spanned four decades, and his work reflects the political climate of his time, often critiquing both European colonialism and local corruption. This series is but a sample of his diverse output, which ranged from animation and narrative films to ethnographic works and reflected the influence of such filmmakers as Jean Rouch and Norman McLaren.

Organized by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York with support from the Cinémathèque Afrique of the Institut Français, and The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Bon voyage, Sim

The President of the Republic of Toads gets a rude welcome from his citizens when he returns from a luxury holiday that had been disguised as a diplomatic mission. (5 mins., 16mm, animated)

Samba the Great
(Samba le grand, 1977)

A princess puts her would-be-lover through a series of trials in order to test his fidelity. (14 mins., 16mm, animated)


In a packed arena, the citizens of the Kingdom of Frogs watch their warriors battle and enjoy a festive concert. (14 mins., 35mm, animated)

F.V.V.A. (Women Cars Villas Money)
(FVVA: Femme, voiture, villa, argent, 1972)

A clerical worker considers a life of crime in order to attain the material wealth he so desires. (68 mins., 16mm)

Program: 101 mins.


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