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The Rape of Europa


Images courtesy Menemsha Films
The Rape of Europa
Richard Berge, Bonni Cohen, Nicole Newnham, 2007
Sat, Jan 26, 2008 7 PM
Sun, Jan 27, 2008 2 PM
Codirector Bonni Cohen will introduce the Saturday evening screening.

The Rape of Europa tells the epic story of the Nazis' systematic theft of Europe's artistic heritage - it's estimated they stole one-fifth of all known artworks from the countries they conquered - and its miraculous survival.

Based on Lynn H. Nicholas's groundbreaking study, the film shows that although the Allies restored some of the displaced art in the decade following WWII, much remains unaccounted for, even today. The end of the Cold War and the opening of Eastern European archives has led to a revival of urgency in restoring priceless artworks (many having made their way into the collections of major museums here and abroad) to their rightful owners. The film offers a privileged entry into the contemporary art trade while providing an emotional witness to the destruction wrought on shared cultural heritage by fanaticism, greed, and warfare. Narrated by Joan Allen. (117 mins., 35mm)
PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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