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Silent Mountains, Singing Oceans, and Slivers of Time


Silent Mountains, Singing Oceans, and Slivers of Time
David Gatten
Fri, Nov 18, 2011 8:30 PM
This final program with David Gatten features pairs of films from three other ongoing series.

The Continuous Quantities series is structured on a Leonardo da Vinci proposition to divide an hour into 3,000 equal parts and offers the most kinetic exploration yet of Gatten's inquiries into the relationship between text and image.

The Invisible Ink series, as the title implies, employs the most minimal imagery to be found in Gatten's films, but this minimalism belies the powerfully emotional content underpinning the works.

The two What the Water Said films are among the most written about and acclaimed experimental films of recent years. (67 mins., 16mm)

Program List
Film for Invisible Ink, Case No. 71: Base-Plus-Fog (2006): 10 mins.
What the Water Said, Nos. 1–3 (1998): 16 mins.
Journals and Remarks (2009): 15 mins.
Shrimp Boat Log (2006/2010): 6 mins.
What the Water Said, Nos. 4–6 (2007): 17 mins.
Film for Invisible Ink, Case No. 142: Abbreviation for Dead Winter [Diminished by 1,794] (2008): 13 mins.

This series, organized by the Wexner Center, will tour the country throughout 2012, with stops at the National Gallery of Art, Harvard Film Archive, and various venues in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Rare Books and Manuscript Library
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