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A collection of six images, three on top and three on bottom. On top row, from left: a person with purple stands with their back to the camera, in center a person in a white shirt and orange pants lays on the ground, in the third a digitally generted image of computer monitors sittings in among grass. On the bottom row, from left: a black and white blurred image, and image of a person bathed in purple light, and in the third a person standing outside with a megaphone.

Enjoy a virtually touring program of videos created by members of Krissy Talking Pictures—a collectively run organization that focuses on video art made by queer artists—as well as fellow filmmakers orbiting around Philadelphia, PA.

The program includes special introductions from each artist that demystify their art-making processes and reflect on the question: “How did you know you could be an artist?” (program approx. 60 mins.)

Program lineup

Bullwinkle’s wherever I’m at
(Ami Glazer, 2020, 3:05 mins.)

Glazer is a writer and filmmaker from Fountain Valley, California, who lives in Philadelphia. Bullwinkle’s wherever I’m at is a very short film about two friends catching up in a new place.

The Sound of Sinking Ships
(Oona Taper, 2021, 3:56 mins.)

Oona Taper is a Philadelphia-based artist and experimental animator who makes videos that utilize physical materials to explore memory, routine, and how we perceive reality. Her practice includes works on paper, nonnarrative short films, and looped moving images intended to be treated like paintings. She cares a lot about using art and music as tools to build community, bring people together, and inspire communication. The Sound of Sinking Ships combines animation and 16mm film to highlight movement itself as the dancer flowing through mediums, styles, and levels of obfuscation and abstraction.

See Make
(France Rreally, 2020, 1 min.)
Excerpt from Purgatory May 23rd, 2020
(France Rreally, 2020, 3:06 mins.)
At Home
(France Rreally, 2020, 11:34 mins.)

France Rreally (FR) is a multimedia artist working with video art, documentary, performance, and costuming to explore the ways rapidly changing technologies saturate and mediate our lives and relationships. Characters with colorful idiosyncrasies guide journeys through ridiculous digi-magical, fairy-tale worlds that are always in flux, whether through shape-shifting avatars or offbeat environments that distort with each update. FR presents queer identity, interpersonal boundaries, and reality itself to be complex and customizable, empowering users to claim the agency to actualize their ideal lives through virtual means.

FR has performed and screened his work online and around the USA with BRIC Arts Media, the Hudson Valley Museum of Contemporary Art, Krissy Talking Pictures, and various film festivals. He is based out of Brooklyn, NY, where he is continuously becoming himself in every passing moment.

Regenerative Memory Bank
(Yellow 5, Yellow 6, 2020, 14:28 mins.)

“Yellow 5, Yellow 6 are the last ingredients of my genetic makeup. I am a body, I am an object. I feel sadness, I feel pain. I process through the catharsis of art-making, cooking, and occasionally crying. Regenerative Memory Bank is a video performance taking on different dimensions to provide a passport to catharsis; an evacuation from reality. It brings viewers through seven stages exploring expansive spaces of consciousness and alchemy.”

Archival works
(Spacebug, 2021, 3:52 mins.)

Spacebug is a 23-year-old North Philadelphia native concerned mostly with creating visual records or “home movies,” which involves capturing moments between family and friends and sowing intimate portraits from them.

Autonomous Zone
(Rat Porridge, 2020, 11:44 mins.)

Rat Porridge is a multidisciplinary, self-taught artist born in Queens who currently lives and works in West Philadelphia. Her works centers around the creation and destruction of spaces. Autonomous Zone was a performance planned as part of this year's Avant Garbage, virtually hosted on the Krissy Talking Pictures website. Using her studio space as a jumping point, the artist acts as a guide to accessing liberatory, decolonized space.

A little bit like breathing
(Cherry Nin, 2020, 4:28 mins.)

Cherry Nin is an interdisciplinary artist with a practice that includes video, performance, writing, and sound. Often employing cut-up techniques, garish effects, and spiraling, interwoven dialogue, Nin points to reality as being unreliable. Utilizing what she has available—friends as actors, bedroom as set—Nin draws a circle around her world then zooms out to reveal a delicate teetering, a holding together of all that threatens to fall apart.

Incorporating voice memos collected between March and July 2020, A little bit like breathing uses collaged audio to form an eroded landscape of rallies, gatherings, and intimate spaces as two friends listen to an uprising that bubbles up from below.

Alongside her art practice, Nin is the founder of Krissy Talking Pictures and a recipient of the Leeway Foundation's Art and Change Grant and the Scribe Video Center’s Philadelphia Independent Media Fund.

More about the collective

A set of seven images in two rows.

Image courtesy of Krissy Talking Pictures 

A blurry black & white image of a human like figure

Image courtesy of Krissy Talking Pictures 

In this image a seated person sits in front of a purple background, smiling at the camera

Image courtesy of Krissy Talking Pictures 

In this image, a person in a blue hooded sweatshirt sits on the ground stirring something in a plastic bowl. They are staring at the ground and next to them is a megaphone.

Image courtesy of Krissy Talking Pictures 

A multicolored--blue, orange, purple--computer generated image with a text subtitle that reads "Material can be forgotten to feel the molecules."

Image courtesy of Krissy Talking Pictures 

A computer manipulated image of a person with a forehead and moustache

Image courtesy of Krissy Talking Pictures 

In this image, a person lays slightly curled up and wears a white t-shirt and orange pants.

Image courtesy of Krissy Talking Pictures 

A collection of several brightly colored images, included scribbled crayon, a person in a beret, and a clip art paint brush, and christmas trees

Image courtesy of Krissy Talking Pictures 

A computer generated images of 4 computer monitors in a field of green grass

Image courtesy of Krissy Talking Pictures 

An image of a person with purple hair with their back to the camera staring at a wall

Image courtesy of Krissy Talking Pictures 

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