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Jeff Parker and The New Breed

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A photograph of Jeff Parker wearing black rimmed glasses. There are leaves in the background.

Don’t miss Parker, master guitarist and musical chameleon, as he leads The New Breed in an unforgettable night of jazz. 

A versatile guitarist and composer with a 40-year career that spans jazz, rock, and new music, prolific front man Jeff Parker and his ensemble the New Breed bring a groove-forward, dynamic sound to the Wex. Parker’s tour follows the success of his ambitious first live and first double album, Mondays at the Enfield Tennis Academy (2022), featuring New Breed saxophonist Josh Johnson. Mondays consists of live shows recorded mostly in 2019, many of which hinted at what would become Parker’s critically acclaimed Suite for Max Brown (2020). Both albums showcase the improvisational skills of artists at play in a beat-forward, hybrid, experimental landscape.

Jeff Parker: electric guitar and mbira
Josh Johnson: alto saxophone and keyboards 
Paul Bryan: bass guitar and bass synthesizer 
Jeremy Cunningham: drums and sampler

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Jeff Parker, photo: Jim Newberry.

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About the artist

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Jeff Parker is recognized as one of contemporary music’s most versatile and innovative electric guitarists and composers. With a prolific output characterized by musical ideas of angularity and logic, he works in a wide variety of mediums—from pop, rock, and jazz to new music—using ideas informed by innovations and trends in both popular and experimental forms. He creates works that explore and exploit the contrary relationships between tradition and technology, improvisation and composition, and the familiar and the abstract. In addition to his work with The New Breed, Parker is a long-standing member of Tortoise and was a founding member of both Isotope 217° and Chicago Underground. 

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Past Performing Arts

Jeff Parker and The New Breed