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Kneedelus: A Live Collaboration between Kneebody + Daedelus

Kneebody and Daedelus joint group photo

“One of the smarter bands blenderizing postbop, indie rock, hip-hop and classical music…Kneebody puts it all on the table.”—New York Times

Adventuresome jazz quintet Kneebody is indicative of the next generation of talent emerging from the LA scene: absolutely fearless in embracing diverse musical trends and able to shape them into a seamless and satisfying cohesion. If you were among those who loved Mehliana—the electrifying duo of Brad Mehldau and Mark Guiliana—then Kneedelus will be right up your alley as LA-based artist Daedelus (Alfred Darlington) adds his driving electronica to Kneebody’s fierce instrumental chops.

Consisting of keyboardist Adam Benjamin, trumpeter Shane Endsley, electric bassist Kaveh Rastegar, drummer Nate Wood, and saxophonist Ben Wendel (who also joins us this fall with Linda Oh’s Sun Pictures), Kneebody have consistently earned critical praise. As a Los Angeles Times reviewer noted of one of their typically fierce gigs, “It’s probably safe to assume at this point that no other band working today can offer what Kneebody delivered.” While Daedelus (Alfred Darlington) has also been widely lauded for his vast number of albums, EPs, and remixes (most recently for Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder label), it’s what he brings in bold strokes to live improvisational settings like this collaboration where he especially shines. Music fans who thrill in discovering the shape of things to come will want to be there when these acts collide and ignite in our intimate Performance Space.

Kneebody and Daedelus joint group photo

Kneedelus Image courtesy of International Music Network

Kneebody group photo

Kneebody  Photo by Pauliforna

Daedalus b/w profile photo

Daedelus – Courtesy of Artist


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Kneedelus: A Live Collaboration between Kneebody + Daedelus