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Josiah McElheny
Early Modernism Mirrored and Reflected Infinitely, 2004
Artists' Panel
Fri, Sep 15, 2006 5:30 PM
Shiny artists Rachel Harrison, Mike Minelli, Josiah McElheny, and Mai-Thu Perret discuss their work with Chief Curator of Exhibitions Helen Molesworth. Stay after the panel for the fall exhibitions opening celebration. ABOUT THE PANELISTS

Rachel Harrison's works in the exhibition are Ringo, a video installation that depicts a large dog obsessed with an equally large bone (complete with a subtly altered and handmade viewing bench) and a sculpture that displays a tiny figurine Dalmatians on a glass pedestal. Harrison often incorporates commonplace objects and photographs in her sculptures, confounding our ideas of an object and its presentation.

Mike Minelli is producing new work for the Shiny exhibition comprised of cast porcelain figurines modeled on German baroque collectibles and tchotchkes found on eBay. The Los Angeles–based artist's past sculptures have included stylized busts that play with stereotypes--a rogues' gallery of sorts that takes its inspiration from old Hollywood movies and contemporary television.

Josiah McElheny's Early Modernism Mirrored and Reflected Infinitely dizzyingly displays reflective handblown glass objects in a mirrored cabinet. An End to Modernity, a giant chrome-and-glass chandelier was featured in the center's Part Object Part Sculpture exhibition last fall.

Mai-Thu Perret's Little Planetary Harmony is a gigantic sculpture of a teapot that viewers can enter. Inside they'll find modest modernist paintings. This work is part of Perret's larger project The Crystal Frontier, an ongoing narrative about a fictional feminist commune.

image credits

Josiah McElheny
Early Modernism Mirrored and Reflected Infinitely, 2004
Hand blown mirrored glass objects, chrome metal display, glass, and mirror; ed. 6/8
29 x 24 x 18 in.
Ron and Ann Pizzuti, Columbus, Ohio
Photo courtesy Donald Young Gallery, Chicago

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