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Garnet Hertz Artist's Talk

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Brody Condon Test Drives OutRun at O1SJ, September 2010
Image courtesy of Garnet Hertz
Garnet Hertz
Artist's Talk
Tue, Feb 15, 2011 11:30 AM
Dr. Garnet Hertz is a contemporary artist whose work explores themes of technological progress, creativity, innovation and interdisciplinarity.

Hertz is an artist in residence and research scientist in informatics at UC Irvine and adjunct assistant professor in the Media Design Program at Art Center College of Design. He has shown his work at several notable international venues in thirteen countries including SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica, and DEAF. Hertz was awarded the prestigious 2008 Oscar Signorini Award in robotic art and is currently nominated for the Transmediale 2011 Vilém Flusser Theory Award. His research is widely cited in academic publications and has been disseminated in over 25 countries in publications such as the New York Times, Wired, the Washington Post, NPR, and USA Today as well as on NBC, CBS, TV Tokyo, and CNN Headline News.

Cosponsored by Ohio State's Art and Technology Program in the Department of Art.
PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.

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