Barbara Hammer on Barbara Hammer

May 28, 2019

Photo of LGBT artist and filmmaker Barbara Hammer by Mickalene Thomas

Barbara Hammer was an exceedingly generous artist, not just in her focus on issues of representation of lesbian sexuality (or lack thereof) but in her openness about it. She frequently discussed her work to create connections and understanding with audiences—another way for her to add dimension to the presentation of light and shadow on a surface.

We're excited for you to see her work at the Wex when Barbara Hammer: In This Body opens this weekend. Before you join us for a look, you can read and listen to Barbara's thoughts on her practice via the links below.


From the Tate Museum, Hammer on making movies and installations out of sex and life: "Active cinema is its own experience."


Hammer on feminist film for MoMA


Hammer on Evidentiary Bodies, the centerpiece installation of In This Body


Learn about the grant Hammer created for lesbian experimental filmmakers here.

And there's more to see from Hammer on her Vimeo page.


Hammer's "exit interview" with The New Yorker

Mickalene Thomas's interview with Hammer for Vanity Fair


Lead image: Barbara Hammer photographed by Mickalene Thomas for Vanity Fair.